Oct 9, 2015

3 Tips for Your Self and Time Management

Do you know this: Your whole day is packed with dates, your assistant has gone the extra mile to make all these dates possible, and still time just seems to be too short for all your tasks? Well, what can you do to manage yourself and your time in a much better way?

Recent research on self- and time management has shown that we have to forget about a long-time believe and recommends: No multitasking! – Disband multitasking and work through your tasks one after the other.

Our brain can’t process multiple tasks at the same time. Therefore, multitasking makes us slower and vulnerable to mistakes. Just think about it now: how much time do you need to work on a task in the afternoon you already had looked at in the morning the first time? – Usually, it takes much longer because you have to re-read the paper, re-consider conclusions you might already have had in the morning, and start working through from the beginning. 

One quick tip here: Organize your dates along tasks and topics instead of spreading dates with different topics all over the day. This will focus your energy and increase your concentration.

Here are three more tips for your successfull self- and time management:

Focus – Strictly prioritize which tasks you have to work on
Caution: it’s not about „wanting“, it’s about „having“ to work on. This means you should focus on tasks where your input is crucial and not the ones you might find attractive. It requires quite a piece of self-discipline not to jump on every attactive topic and get lost in time. You should be aware that time is your most precious asset which you shouldn’t waste for useless work.

Tip: Just take 5 minutes now and write a list of 10 topics you are just busy with. Now prioritize the true top 3 tasks on your list…and delegate the rest.

Filter – Filter your emails, e.g. by delegating a pre-selection to your assistant

Only read emailst hat are addressed to you and that you are not only copied in with hundreds of others. You have to educate your environment only to send emails to you that are important and relvant.

Tip: You have to tell your environment that you expect them only to send relevant emails to you if you want to manage your inbox. This is a process and needs some time. It’s worth though if you can reduce the amount of emails over time because you win time and focus.

Forget – You should forget your work for a while

If you want to re-charge your creativity your brain needs some time out. Being busy all the time and  caught in the treadmill prevents you from thinking out of the box. There is no room for innovation. So seek for time to press „reset“ and do things you love to do. I mean really love to do.

Tip: The best ideas usually come when you are relaxed. You can plan such relaxing acticities or times. Think of things that are good for you, be it reading, sleeping, swimming, walking, medidating, golfing, or whatever is fun for you. You will be in good company of some very successful CEOs with long-standing meditation practice, good golf handicap, or triathlon experience.

Oct 2, 2015

9 Top Ways Women Give Away Power

Business women showing thumbs up on a isolated white background
One of the best articles I read about the most important traps women tend to step into during their carreer. I see it in almost every executive coaching with female leaders, regardless which level, how talented women still struggle with the male code in business.

After reading this article in Forbes you will be prepared for the next step in your carreer by stopping using minimizing language, apologizing, or letting others take credit for your ideas.

To all my female readers: follow these tips and have fun storming the management world!

Brigitta Wurnig, Top Management Coach

Here the link to the full article: